In Memoriam

Artist Judy Buckvold

August 18, 1943 – July 12, 2022

Judy Buckvold at the book tableWe mourn the loss of our friend, master painter, and teacher, Judy Buckvold, who passed away on July 12, 2022. I had just seen Judy a week earlier at school, teaching her class, helping students, and after greeting me, offering to help me in the office. Judy has been dedicated to helping preserve our classical way of drawing, painting and legacy, by teaching since she graduated from our program in 2000. She is dearly missed as she was so kind, patient and willing to share her wealth of knowledge about art. Several of our grads have told me through the years that they had their first class with her. Judy had a great eye and a strong sense of design. She has been a pillar for our students and has helped so many realize their dreams for becoming better artists, teaching them the basic skills that must be acquired for the classical fine art of drawing and painting. Judy was an inspiration and always so energized. She was at class early and left late. She took the time to get to know her students and help out with extra jobs as well, including our library and school store. She would register students, sell them supplies, and start them drawing without a problem or asking for help. She knew what had to be done and did it graciously. Going above and beyond the call of duty. It is a terrible blow to lose her as I think of her kind and generous artist spirit. We were truly fortunate to have her with us and will hold her dear in our memory.

Cyd Wicker, Director of The Atelier

Please join us in a Celebration of Life for our friend, colleague, and master artist, Judy Buckvold.

Date: Saturday, October 15, 2022
Time: 4:00pm–7:00pm

Beverages and light hors d'oeuvres will be served.

Judy has been a member of The Atelier family since the 1990s. Graduating from the full-time program in 2000, she has created several beautiful works of art, and has been an integral part of our teaching staff ever since.

Judy's family has asked that donations in memory of Judy be made to The Atelier. You may donate online or checks can be made to The Atelier with Judy Buckvold in the memo line.

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Judy Buckvold's Works

Artwork is available for purchase unless otherwise noted.

About the Artist

Judy Buckvold completed five years of full-time training in classical realism at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Arts. She attended the University of Minnesota in Duluth before joining the art department at Dayton's in Minneapolis. In Boston, she worked at Jordan Marsh in retail fashion. In New England, her interest grew in portraiture and oil painting as a medium. She believed that technology is limited when it comes to expressing the human spirit, and that there will always be a need for fine art and tradition.

Student Recollections of Judy

I heard of Judy's passing from a classmate and was so sad to hear this. Our group chat is made up of friends that met in Judy's Basic Drawing class. We've been sharing our favorite memories of Judy and they're all so heartwarming. Judy was truly kind and a delight to be around. She was so knowledgeable and willing to share her wisdom with her students.

My favorite memory of Judy is when I brought a painting from home for her to critique. I thought she'd give me 5 minutes of notes and I'd go home with things to improve. Instead, she spent a half hour with me explaining to me technicalities, using tracing paper to make sure I had the gesture correct, encouraging me and guiding me. Not only that, after I went back to class to work on my cast, she came to me for hours after to show me references she found in books that I could use to improve my painting. She was so invested in my success. I'm so humbled by the attention she gave me.

That experience showed me how much Judy cared about me as a student and how much she cared about art. She was selfless and made me feel important. She expressed that her students' art meant something to her, which is so encouraging for beginning artists.

I am so blessed to have been able to learn from her and get to know her. I remember her smile and how she liked to joke. She made going to class my favorite part of my week. I'm so sorry for her loss. I pray for comfort for her family and send a big hug to The Atelier.

My Deepest Condolences,

Sarah Vanasse

Judy Buckvold with studentJudy was my Basic Drawing teacher in the Fall and Spring of 2021-22. In addition to Judy's artistic talents, my friends and I from our night drawing classes have been touched by her actions and kind words in so many ways. Judy was always cheerful and encouraging while making the night classes an inviting atmosphere to learn in. I also found her very approachable as she would always encourage me to check her corrections of my drawings (even though she was always right)! When we showed interest in learning more beyond the scope of the class, Judy went out of her way to pull examples from books and spent the last 15 minutes of class teaching us about the tones, lighting, composition and gestures in those paintings. The next time I looked at a painting, I realized Judy's teachings had stuck with me because I could "hear" her pointing out the techniques that were discussed in class. Judy has taught and showed me how to find a greater appreciation for the arts, and I am grateful to be able to carry this with me going forth. Among my other favorite memories of Judy are when I'd stop by her desk and we'd chat just about anything. We would talk about family, her career in the arts, travels and so much more. Judy is a treasure, I am so honored to have been her student and she will be deeply missed.

Joey Tan